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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
Mita Giacomini

Mita Giacomini

Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI)
Member, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

T: (905) 525-9140, ext. 22879

McMaster University
CRL Building, Rm. 218
1280 Main Street West,
Hamilton, ON
L8S 4K1

Mita Giacomini is a professor in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI) at McMaster University and a member of CHEPA. She led the development of McMaster's Health Policy PhD program and previously served as its Director. She holds graduate degrees in health services and policy analysis, history of medicine and public health. Her publications have addressed topics including health policy ethics, political reasoning in health technology assessment, health resource allocation, values in evaluation and policy-making, interdisciplinarity and uses of qualitative evidence in health care. Current research projects focus on the roles of evidence and theory in health policy arguments, values and ethics in Canadian health policy, and the social and ethical dimensions of health technology assessment. Giacomini has provided consultation and service to local, provincial, national and international health agencies in related areas, and currently serves on the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee. Giacomini teaches in the areas of health policy, philosophy of science, and qualitative research methodology.


  • social and ethical dimensions of health technology assessment
  • ethics and values in health policy analysis
  • health resource allocation and equity


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    • Philosophy of Science
    • Qualitative and Conceptual Methods
    • Health Policy Analysis
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