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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
Chris Longo

Christopher Longo

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management,
Executive committee member, Masters in Health Management Program (MHM), DeGroote School of Business,
Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management, DeGroote School of Business (Room 422, Ron Joyce Centre),
Member, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis, McMaster University,
Co-Lead, Health Technology Assessment, Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control

T: (905) 525-9140, ext. 23896

McMaster University
Ron Joyce Centre, Rm 422
4350 South Service Road
Burlington, ON
L7L 5R8

Christopher Longo has more than 25 years of industry experience in clinical research, economic evaluation, and market access strategies for pharmaceuticals. He has published both clinical and economic research in a number of therapeutic areas including diabetes, cancer, sepsis and central nervous system disorders. His primary program of research investigates efficiency and equity issues in health care by using health economics tools to address policy questions. Much of this work has been in chronic and critical illness, and involves collaboration with researchers who have appropriate clinical expertise. He has undertaken research projects examining pharmaceutical innovation and pricing, and issues related to equity of access within this industry. His current research focus examines the costs and economic evaluation of cancer programs and interventions throughout the cancer journey, with the intent of informing policy decision-making. Longo has consulted with numerous provincial and federal agencies related to economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals including: the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health, Cancer Care Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the National Cancer Institute of Canada. Longo is co-lead of the Health Technology Assessment Research Program at the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control and a former member of the Ontario Steering Committee for Cancer Drugs (OSCCD). He has undertaken reviews for the journals Pharacoeconomics, Medical Care, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Value in Health, Journal of Palliative Care, European Journal of Cancer Care and Supportive Care in Cancer.


  • cost effectiveness, cost utility, and quality of life analysis in the areas of cancer, diabetes, and sepsis
  • evaluating strategies associated with global pharmaceutical pricing
  • understanding patients’ financial burden associated with health care, and the role of the state
  • understanding the factors that lead to higher individual consumption of health care resources


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  • health economics and evaluation (MBA/HRM)
  • population health management (MBA)
  • tools and approaches for public health policy analysis and evaluation (Dalla Lana School of Public Health, U of T)
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