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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

Labelle Lecture Archives

2018: Ruth Lavergne
Ruth Lavergne, PhD, an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, presented "Primary care, secondary data: Learning from policy change in British Columbia" on Wednesday Oct 3, 2018.
To view a video of her lecture, click here, or copy and paste this link into your browser:

2017: Dean Spears
Dean Spears, PhD, executive director of the Research Institute for Compassionate Economics (R.I.C.E. institute). "Where India goes: Abandoned toilets, stunted development, and the costs of caste."

To watch a video of Spears' lecture, download this link using your browser:

Dr. Antoine Boivin
The Labelle Lectureship Series marked its 25th anniversary this year with a special lecture by Dr. Antoine Boivin, MD, PhD, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Patient and Public Partnership. He presented:  Evolving relationships: Caring for, learning from, and healing with patients. To view a video of the lecture, copy and paste this link into your browser:

The presentation starts at 20:00.

2015: Dr. Katy Kozhimannil
Associate Professor in the Division of Health Policy and Management at the University of Minnesota. "How health-care policies affect women and their families."

2014: Dr. Onil Bhattacharyya
Frigon-Blau Chair in Family Medicine Research, Women’s College Hospital. 
"From Lean to the Lean Start-up; Improvement and innovation in the design of health services."

2013: David Stuckler
Senior Research Leader in Sociology at the University of Oxford, England. "The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills" 

2012: Irfan Dhalla
Assistant Professor, Medicine and Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto; Staff physician, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital.

"The Virtual Ward and other policy-relevant trials in health care"  

2011: Michael Law
Assistant professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC Faculty member, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, UBC

Law, a researcher with expertise in pharmaceutical policy, described how the changing market for generic drugs presents a unique opportunity for Canadian governments to introduce universal coverage.

2010: Tamara Daly
Assistant professor, York University
Political economist, School of Health Policy & Management, York University
"It’s about time to care! Can we learn from Scandinavians about care for the elderly?"

2009: Anirban Basu
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago
Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research
"Comparative effectiveness research: Another emperor with no clothes?"
For the complete slide presentation from this lecture, click here.

2008: Sebastian Schneeweiss
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health
"Reference drug programs: Can we contain costs without harming patients?"
For the complete slide presentation form this lecture, click here.

2007: Steve Morgan
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Care and Epidemiology, University of British Columbia
Health Economist, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, UBC
"Expenditure Overdose? Causes, Consequences and Cures for Canada's Pharmaceutical Cost Crises"

2006:  Pascale Lehoux 
Associate Professor, Department of Health Administration, University of Montreal 
"Technology Innovation in Health Care: Who's Calling the Shots?"

2005:  Jennifer Prah Ruger
Assistant Professor, Division of Global Health, Yale School of Public Health
"Health and Global Health Governance: What's Justice Got to do With It?"

2004:  Valerie Steeves
Assistant Professsor, Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa
Why Are They Doing This To Us:  Will Changes in Data Health Privacy Legislation Kill Research as We Know It?

2003:  Meredith Rosenthal
Assistant Professor of Health Economics and Policy, Harvard School of Public Health
Paying for Quality in Health Care: Poison or Panacea?

2002:  Mark Sculpher
Centre for Health Economics, University of York, United Kingdom
Assessing Health Technologies: Should Canada take the NICE Path?

2001:  Jean-Mane Berthelot
Health Analysis and Modeling Group, Statistics Canada
For Our Eyes Only: The Importance of Record Linkage in Health Research

2000:  Peter Ubel
Department of Medicine and Program on Medical Decision Making, University of Michigan
The Unbearable Rightness of Bedside Rationing

1999:  Colleen Flood
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
Reinventing Health Care: A Legal, Economic and Political Analysis of Reform in New Zealand and Canada

1998:  Lisa Bero
Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California, San Francisco
Evidence-based Policy: Oxymoron or Just Plan Moronic?

1997:  Mandy Ryan
Health Economics Research Unit, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Assessing the Benefits of Health Interventions: A Role for Conjoint Analysis?

1996:  Jane Weeks
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School
Outcome Measures in Oncology: A New Paradigm for Patient Care and Clinical Research

1995:  Peter Singer
Centre for Bioethics and Department of Medicine, University of Toronto
Living Wills: From Legislatures to Living Rooms

1994:  Steven Katz
Departments of Internal Medicine and Health Care Management and Policy, University of Michigan
Learning from Canada/U.S. Health Care Comparisons: Can a River Flow in Two Directions?

1993:  Alayne Mary Adams
Harvard Centre for Population and Development Studies
The “Black Box” Between Intervention and Outcome: Exploring the Dynamics of Health Change

1992:  Andrew M. Jones
Econometrics and Social Studies, University of Manchester, UK
Starters, Quitters, and Smokers: Choice or Addiction

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